TTD User Login Registration for Online Booking check now

TTD User Login access registration check now Register TTD User for Arjitha Seva Ticket booking, Rooms Donations etc.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams board was operating ttdsevaonline website for online bookings. The reservation of cottages, Special Entry Darshan booking, Arjitha Seva tickets etc are available only for registered users. TTD does not provide any of the services without registration. So each devotee must have their Login access and linked to mobile.

Below are the services a registered user can get in TTD Seva Online Website:

  1. 3oo Rupees Special Entry Darshan Booking.
  2. Arjitha Seva Tickets Online Booking.
  3. TTD Lucky Dip Seva Registration every month.
  4. Book Hotel Rooms, Guest Houses, Temple cottages etc in Tirumala and Tirupati.
  5. Book Publications, register for subscriptions etc.

ttd user login registration online

Requirements to get a TTD User Login Registration @ online:

  • An ID proof like Aadhar card, Electoral Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Govt. Issued ID card etc.
  • Passport Size photo scanned copy.
  • Registered Email ID & Valid Mobile number.

Steps to register a TTD User Login Registration Website:

First visit website. Go to sign up button and a form will appear. You can choose registration for Individual or Institution.

Enter your Name, Age, Date of Birth, Mobile Name, Gender Address etc. Give your City location, Country, State or Province, Pincode.

Choose ID Proof type, Photo ID Card number, desired username, Create a password. See the terms and conditions to know the usage limits.

Validate your email id in next page by clicking on the link in email received from TTD. Now verify mobile number entered in the application form. An SMS received to the applicant mobile number with activation code and details.

How to recover a Lost TTD User Login ID & reset Password?

Previously TTD has allowed only email id as the login name. But new version of website allows your customized Login name.

Go to Forgot Password to reset your login credentials. Enter the registered email id and Mobile number. A onetime password is sent to the mobile number.

Give the OTP and enter your new User Password. Now you can use the latest password logins for accessing the online services.

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    1. Ttdseaw online jo kahana chaya hoo Mai One November awas and darshan ticket book Karna chata hoo Ho nahi Raha Kaya Karu Salah de

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  4. J. Ramesh Babu

    Sevak are diverting the attention of the devotees at Bangaru vakili. Plz advise them not to do so.

  5. J. Ramesh Babu

    Sevaks are diverting the attention of the devotees by pulling away at Bangaru vakili thereby unable to have darshan correctly. Plz advise sevaks

  6. Swathikaparthi

    Respected sir
    My father forgot both email address and password of ttdonline registration login… Please help what to do in that case…

    1. జే. భాస్కర్

      నా ప్రొఫైల్ లో ఆధారం నంఒరు తప్పుగా నమెాదు అయ్యింది. ఎలా సవరించాలి.?

    1. Shyam Anantwar Anantwar

      Why not make the online bookings of Archana, Suprabhat, Pooraabhisekham Friday. Withdraw the L1,L2,L,3 VIP quota

  7. hello sir ….we have the 3 kids below 12 years old me and my wife total 5 members shall we get infant darsan along with my childrens are can I take any separate darshan tickets for parents . Please help me sir ….

  8. this week we are coming to visit Tirumala temple along with my 7 months baby , I need to know the information about if there is any particular day time to visit infant child darsan … please provide the complete information……

  9. we have to visit Balaji temple along with my 12 months baby . So, please help me if what are the other details we need to carry with infant darsan at Tirumala temple ?

  10. dear sir………., I’m coming to visit Tirumala with my wife and 1 year kid please advice me where can i get the free infant child darshan tickets ? If as soon as possible give me reply .

  11. I have planning to visit the Tirumala temple . My doughter age is 14 months 10 days.Please guide me if infant child darshan how many mumbers can came along with the kid ? If any one can give reply ?

  12. my doughter age is 11 years 3 months but she looks like 14 years old is she allowed for the infant child darshan or not ?

  13. hello sir.., we are interested to visit Tirumala temple but we have the 16 months baby if infant child darsan will be allowed the baby food and milk bottle or not ? Please kindly give me reply

  14. my doughter date of birth is 13-4-2018 is she allowed through the infant child darsan along with parents ? Please kindly provide the information …

  15. I have a kid of 2.6 years can you please advice me will they allow for special infant darshan at Tirumala temple ? Fastly give me reply

  16. I would like to know the information about if below 1 year child is eligible for the infant child darshan or not please kindly provide the information…..

  17. I would like to ask the information about my wife is 5 th month pregnant is she allow for the balaji’s temple and is there any special darshan for pregnant ladies . Please kindly give me reply …

  18. we are planning to visit Tirumala temple me ,. my wife and my 11 months baby I would like to know the information about how much time will be taken for Infant child darshan ? And each person how many laddus will be given ?

  19. hello sir …., we are planning to visit Tirumala , My grand doughter is 1.3 months baby we need take Swamy blessings for kid if baby is allow for the suprabatham seva along with us ? Please fastly give me reply ….,

  20. Im planning to visit Tirumala for lord balaji’s darshanam in this week
    Total we are 4 mumbers , if which darshan will complete fastly please help me sir …, Give me reply

  21. we are planned to visit Tirumala on this mar -12-2020 along with 19 months baby is it possible to go in special infant child darsan for without any ticket ?

  22. we are planning to have the lord’s Venkateswara balajis darshan at Tirumala temple . My baby age is 19 months please help me if what are the possible way to complete darshan in very soon ….,

  23. Malleswari karanam

    I have the 4.3 months age kid please let me know can we have the special supatham darshan along with my family mumbers ? Please fastly give me reply …

  24. we are planning to have the lord’s Venkateswara Swamy darsanam. my grand father is 72 years old we desided to take the darsan along with them please guide me without any waiting if what darshan will complete fastly ?

  25. we are planning to go to the lord’s Balaji temple . we have the 8moths old baby along with us . Please help me where can I book the accommodation In advance ?

  26. we are desided to visit Tirumala temple on april-05-2020 year my son age is 13 years old . We want to do the astadala pada padmaradanamu seva along with my child so, please tel me where can I book the tickets ?

  27. can you please advice me what is the visesa pooja in which time it will be performed . Kindly provide the information…thank you

  28. we are planning to visit Tirumala temple for 10 days trip with all my family so, please tel me what places are good to see at Tirumala devastanam and how can I book the accommodation rooms ?

  29. hello sir we want to go Tirumala temple along with my grand parents so. Please advice for arjitha seva tickets when can be available in internet if as soon as possible please give me reply…

  30. I want to go to the Tirupati for Swamy darshanam . My doughter is 6 months 15 days . Please guide me if what are the farmalaties we can fallow to get infant child darshan along with my kid …

  31. hello sir …, I got only 1 ticket for visesa pooja darshanam . But we are totally 3 mumbers me and my wife and my 5 years kid . For each 1 ticket how many persons can allowed the darshanam ? Please kindly give me reply

  32. we are planning on 4_apr_2020 with my 16 months 15 days old baby , but we have no age proof documents for my kid so please tel me we can eligible for Infant child darshan , without any proofs they can allow the darshan r not ?

  33. my grand mother want to come to tirupati temple with my 13 months kid please clarify my doubght who can go with infant child ? Her grand mother can go with infant child ….

  34. I’m trying to book the visasa Pooja seva tickets for tirumala but it’s showing errrs ” transaction field” what should I do ? Where can I book the tickets .. please provide the help line number ….

  35. How to book tickets for srivari seva..for tomala seva in online is there any special instructions for people who are aged and how can we approach to get confirm tickets for seva at tirumala..

  36. Where can i go or visit offline office to get tirumala tirupati srivari blessings to book Seva tickets on next week Thursday we need tickets for nijapada Seva

  37. Good information in this website for knowing information on sevas .i have been interested to know how can i get easily confirm tickets for srivari Astadala pada seva in tirumala devastanam..

  38. For suprabata seva tickets when can be available in internet and how to book any easy process is there please let me.. I want 3 tickets for suprabata seva in next month any date please give me right information on this

  39. Nokatoti.Mohankrishna

    Which seva is powerful and what are the formalities we can follow to get darshan with srivari seva I’m interested to book visesha pooja tickets in tirumala tirupati srivari seva tickets.. How i proceed

  40. For Archana Seva tickets good to know that how can i book successfully without fail last time i try to book 5 tickets but sever error at the time of payment process how to avoid all these things and do successfully completed tickets booking

  41. I’m anvar from karnool i want to plan next month any time when is available tickets for thomala seva and what is the procedure and age criteria is there any discount for children’s who are below 5 years and offline process also available or not let me thanks

  42. Where can i go for thomala seva tickets booking for my family is 6 members and what is the cost for all…
    Explain steps involved in the process let me as soon as possible thank you sir

  43. I want to book 3 tickets on 1 login id is this possible and how to avoid last minute fail transaction.. I’m facing the issue at last time money was deducted but not booking the tickets. After some days i got money back to my back account

  44. Sir me and my mother want to plan for next week visesha pooja good to know that information on this website was very good
    . But i don’t have registered account for booking tirumala tirupati srivari seva tickets how can i get any solutions are waiting

  45. can you please guide me what is the procejor to login the ttd website please kindly provide information on if as soon as possible

  46. This is Richa from Mumbai .Plz tel us what are services available the ttd Seve online website .please provide information …thank you

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