TTD Srivari Seva Service in Tirumala Online Booking Check Availability

TTD Srivari seva or Voluntary Service in Tirumala Online Booking starts now in Check Availability and booking process.

Many devotees are very much in thought of doing some social and devotional service in Tirumala. Right now many services require huge human resource and ttd cannot afford employing thousands of new ones each day. A new scheme called TTD Srivari Sevak was introduced to participate in daily activities of temple. The areas of Anna Prasada Satram, Temple Cleaning, Q Complex Assistance for food distribution, Temple Q Management, Inquiry centers, Milk distribution etc are now open to book.

At first Sri vari seva candidates are to be registered at the office on tirumala directly. The group leader must provide all the details like, ID proofs, List of devotees participating in the particular seva etc. Right now the demand for sri vari seva participation was off the limit. So Online booking of Slot for TTD Srivari Seva is introduced last year.

TTD Srivari seva or Voluntary Service in Tirumala

Facilities provided for Srivari Sevaks in Tirumala:

Accommodation is provided for Male and female devotees separates in Seva sadan complex, PAC III Complex.

ID card is provided denoting their station of reporting to work and the list of duties to perform during the stay.

Srivari Sevaks are welcome to use the Srivari Dharma Radhams for free transportation all around the hill.

Food is served for srivari sevaks as TTD Anna Prasada Counter.

Check the requirements for TTD Srivari Seva Online Slot Booking:

Only hindus who belive in lord govinda must apply for srivari seva.

One team leader will select the participants and team members who are gonna participate in Srivar Seva.

Each team leader must have 5 time experience in working with Srivari Sevaks before forming his or her own group.

Maximum 15 and a minimum of 10 people are considered as Srivari Sevak Group.

This is a voluntary Service. No payment is observed in mode of Darshan, Prasadam, Payment of money or preference in Que.

Steps to Register for TTD srivari seva Online in

All the members who are participating must belong to Hindu Religion and they must register their profile in Srivari Seva Wesite.

All applicants must possess aadhar card number along with a valid mobile number for communication.

First visit and select the login menu for getting into the portal.

Now Select the number of devotees appearing for the seva. You can choose apply for team lead if you are a new member.

Register your login with a mobile number which was not used in and Login with OTP.

Fill the team leader profile details like name, address, gender, age, date of birth, blood group, profession and qualification, communication details like email, postal address and ID proof details like Aadhar card number for validation.

Select the update button for proceeding to entering the team members details.

Upload their passport size photographs and enter their name, mobile number, id proof number along with their gender and age.

Check the availability chart confirm the seva services and time slot to confirm the attendance.

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