Hindu Marriage in Tirumala Apply online – Check guidelines

Hindu Marriage in Tirumala Online application starts now in ttdsevaonline.com. Check Guidlines and Steps to perform Marriage in Tirumala.

TTD is mainly formed to look after the temple sanity and run the temple according to the Agama Sastras. The board also strives to preach Hindu dharma and propagate the concept of Hinduism. Tirumala is also famous for the foreword Nitya Kalyanam means every day there is a festive day and Lord Balaji is performed with divine marriage with two of his cheif consorts.

Many people will feel sentiment and good to get married in Tirumala. In previous years there was no official support and jurisdiction for Marriage in Tirumala. But the board allows the married couples to participate in special Kalyanotsavam seva along with darshan. Total cost for performing marriage in Tirumala is 5000 rupees only for ritual calculated the complete costs.

Hindu Marriage in Tirumala 2019

Requirements to do Hindu Marriage in Tirumala TTD Temple:

There was a list of requirements and guidelines available for performing the Marriage in Tirumala. Visit ttdsevaonline.com website and you may choose the Kalyana Vedika option. Kalyanavedia program will allow a couple legally and ritually married in Tirumala.

Guidelines of Hindu Marriage in Tirumala:

Bride and Groom must belong to hindu parentage and traditions.

No love marriages and Second Marriages are allowed in Tirumala.

Both parents need to be present at the time of Marrriage.

All the identification and Redential proofs must be carried to register Marriage in Tirumala.

Four of parents along with Married couple are allowed to get free darshan entered via 300 Rupees special entry darshan Q.

Marriage Certificate is issued on presenting the photographs, Id proofs of attending couple.

Items required to perfom marriage available in Telugu and Tamil versions @ booking portal ttdsevaonline.com

How to apply for Marriage in Tirumala via TTD Kalyana Vedia Scheme:

TTD Kalyana vedika is the online reservation option for booking the Marriage date in Tirumala.

Select Kalyana Vedika option in home page and read the guidelines before accepting Terms & Condition.

Choose Service date and Enter name of applicant. Give the date of birth, mobile number, email id. Now choose community of the Marrying couple. Then choose Age proof card and enter aadhar UID Number.

Now fill the details of Applicant parents like their ID card details, Enter their aadhar numbers, Residential address along with communication details.

Enter the same of Bridegroom details and proceed to Final submission page.

Please verify the entered details and select submit button to reserve your marriage slot in Tiruml. Applicant need to choose his own muhurtham time for performing marriage in Tirumala.

Download Telugu Hindu Marriage Requirements List

Download Tamil Hindu Marriage Requirements List

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