TTD Tirumala Lucky Dip registration online for Electronic Arjitha Seva Dip January 2024 [updated]

TTD Lucky Dip seva allotment in Electronic Seva dip registration starts now. Get Tirumala Suprabatha Darshanam, Thomala Seva, Archana, Astadalam and Nijapada Darshanam in online. How to get TTD Lucky dip seva tickets. Tirumala Srivari temple Arjitha seva tickets are now issued in Random allotment. From September 2016 the seva tickets are released monthly once. The seva tickets are very rare to get directly & Current bookings. So the board decided to release the tickets in random allotment. Currently online TTD Lucky dip was organized once a month. Check the details and TTD Lucky dip registration, eligibility etc. 

Latest Update about TTD Electronic Lukcy Dip January 2024:

Many devotees who visit tirumala look for a chance to participate in any arjitha seva. Some sevas allow devotees directly to darshan from Supadham gate. A combo of two facilities like participation in a srivari arjitha seva and darshan with less hassle. From past two years TTD suspended arjitha seva ticket holders and issued refund for their tickets because of covid-19 lock-down of temple.

From April 1st onwards devotees can book arjitha sevas in online for direct participation. Till now only virtual sevas are allowed for devotees. Kalyanotsavam seva, Unjal seva, Arjitha bramhotsavam, Vasantotsavam, Visesha pooja, Sahastradeepalankarana are allowed to book directly @ 10:00 AM onwards from December 12 @ 10 AM. Last date to register for Tirumala Seva Lukcy Dip is 14 December till 10 AM.

Seva tickets to be released in Electronic Seva TTD Lucky Dip Random allotment:

The rare tickets which are released in TTD Electronic DIP every month. Some were dialy performing sevas and others are on specific days.

Seva NameNo of TicketsPerforming DaysTicket Price
Suprabatha Darshanam150 per dayMon – Sat120 rupees
Thomala Seva10 per DayTuesday – Thursday200 rupees
Archana Seva10 per DayTuesday – Thursday220 Rupees
Astadala Padapadmaradhanamu25 Per DayTuesday Only1250 Rupees
NIjapada Darsanam200 Per DayFriday Only200 Rupees

Requirements for registering TTD Electronic seva lucky dip online:

Devotees must know some important things before applying TTD Electronic dip. Visit and create a TTD User Login if you don’t have one. Aadhar card of two persons applying for seva dip. They are not eligible to apply for the lucky dip after six months once seva is allotted. No need to pay the seva fees while registration. A valid mobile number activated to apply for Ajitha Seva tickets.

Process to register for TTD Lucky Dip Arjitha Seva tickets in ttdsevaonline website:

Visit to see the upcoming schedule. Every month registration opens at 11:00 AM on first Friday. Last chance to Submit online application will close by 10:00 AM on the following Tuesday. Applicants first need to login with their profile details. Go to TTD Electronic Seva Dip option and select the Register button. Go to Seva selection page. Now enter the check option to use dates selection of arjita seva. You can have one short cut to choose any seva or any date by selecting Choose all. Enter the seva applicant’s details name, email, mobile number, age, and gender and aadhar number. Max 2 persons are allowed for single user login. If you want to select the specific seva on specific dates, choose the seva name and date beside it. Go to final stage confirmation for finalizing registration. Now your Seva enrollment is finalized and details are sent via Email and mobile.

Where to check Tirumala TTD Lucky Dip Selection list:

The seva selected devotees ware finalized on Tuesday 12:00 PM. Within one hour all the selected persons are sent SMS and emails from TTD. Then payment need to be done within 24 hours from message time. Applicants can check their enrollment result in home page itself. Enter the enrollment number or mobile number or aadhar UID number. Select search button. Your result is displayed on the screen. The complete list of selected pilgrims was also available to download in the home page.

TTD Electronic Lucky Dip for Arjtha Seva Tickets April May June 2022 Schedule:

Online Lucky DIP Enrollment in ttdsevaonline website will start from 7th September. Sevas allowed to make selection of choice were

  • Suprabatha Darshanam
  • Nijapada Darshanam
  • Astadala Padapadmaradhanamu
  • Thomala Seva
  • Archana Seva

Visit for more information.

Lucky Dip Registration starts fromOctober 18 @ 10:00 AM
Closing Time to select Lucy Dip ChoicesOctober 20 @ 10:00 AM
Selection of Lucky Dip Devotees for SevasOctober 20 @ 10:00 AM
Closing time for online paymentOctober 22 @ 5:00 PM
Accommodation Booking starts fromOctober 26 @ 12:00 PM
Kalyanotsavam and other tickets booking released onOctober 18 @ 3:00 PM

101 thoughts on “TTD Tirumala Lucky Dip registration online for Electronic Arjitha Seva Dip January 2024 [updated]”

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  2. p.v.chandra shekar

    has the lucky dip registration for the month of january 2019 started ? this should have started on the first friday of october 2019

  3. p.v.chandra shekar

    has the lucky dip registration for the month of january 2019 started ? this should have started on the first friday of october 2019 i.e today

    1. Shiyala Devayatbhai Naranbhai

      I have done New Ragistration more than
      two times but confirmation email is not received now till today

  4. Hi Sir,

    I am registered in this website, from last 1 year every month i registered for Electronic Seva DIP but i am not selected in the Lucky Dip.
    Kindly tell me how you are taken this Lucky Dip.
    what is the process behind in the Electronic Seva DIP.

  5. నేను 6 నెలల నుండి లక్కీ డిప్ ద్వారా అప్లై చేసాను..అన్ని సేవలకు అప్లై చేస్తే march నెలకు స్వామివారి నిజపాద దర్శనం టికెట్స్ లభించాయి..నేను చాలా అదృష్టం గా భావిస్తున్నా…లుకీడీప్ కరెక్ట్ ప్రోసెస్ అని నమ్ముతున్నా

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  7. I noticed that the Seva is allowed for 2 persons only for 1 login. Can we bring our child also along with us to the Seva if we are selected in Lucky draw? We cannot apply for a separate Lucky DIP for her separately. Pls advise.

    1. Hey Srinivas, It totally depends upon your daughter’s age. If she is below 12 years she doesn’t require a ticket.

    2. below 12 years children are allowed without ticket , its free of cost but carry with there age proof certificate

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    1. Seva electronic dip opens on every first Friday of the month. Results will be announced on the immediate next Tuesday. Amount to be paid on or before Thursday.

      1. சுப்ரபாதம் சேவா டிக்கெட் எனக்கு கிடைக்க வேண்டும்

  11. నేను కూడా ఎన్నో సం.లు గా సుప్రభాత సేవ కోసం లక్కీ డిప్ లో పాల్గొంటున్నాను..ఇన్నాళ్ళకు ఆ దేవుడు కరుణించి జూలై కోటా లో లక్కీ డిప్ లో సెలక్ట్ అయ్యాము…. గోవిందా. ..గోవింద…


      I have booking Lucky Dip for one year in ttd website. As Venkateswar Swamy Grace I have lucky Dip to ” Suprabatham ” seva in April 2024. Govinda Govinda.


    I have booked special entry dharsan on 28.8.2019. and also want to any seva dharsan on 29.8.2019 along with accommodation room please.

  13. Om namo venkatesaya..The electronic dip seva method is good..we got Nijaqpada darshan on MAY 24,,2019.Had a beautiful darshan of lord.Never lose Hope.Keep trying…With the lords blessigs You will get oppurtunity…



  15. hello dear admin sir….., gud evening please tel us where can I take nijapada seva darshan tickets at Tirumala Tirupati devastanam. Please give me reply

  16. I need to know the information about how many years children need the seva or darshan ticket at lord’s Venkateswara tirumala Balaji temple ?

  17. hello …,gud evening sir or madem can you please tell us I have the 2 children’s 1 is 11 months and 2nd one is below 6 years please tel me if they can eligible to go for the supadam entrance ……

  18. hello sir …, My name is malyadri from nellure . Can you please tel me my son was recently completed the 4th year . does he allowed the supadam entrance r not …

  19. this is Kranthi Kumar , I belong to Kerala. Now I’m 12 years old .can I get the supadam entrance ticket at Tirumala Tirupati…..

  20. if L3 darshan how many Persons can allowed the lord Balaji Tirumala temple at darshan Time please provide me the information….

  21. hii…, This is Nayak from Guntur district can you please tel me my son is 9 years competed if any special darshan avaible at infant children’s

  22. my name is jyothirmayi form Ongole can you please tel me what is the age limit of supadam entrance about darshan for Tirumala Tirupati ?

  23. I need to know the information about my son is 13 years old .they need to book the darshan ticket or not at Balaji temple ? Please give me reply

  24. hello sir……., I’m from Bengaluru I want to go Tirumala temple with me and my wife and 15 months baby so , do you allow all my family mumbers with supatham entrance ?

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  27. I have the 2 child’s younger one is 13 months and elder one is 3years old . we don’t have any darshan tickets .in supatham entrance Can we go for free darshan with my 2 child’s ? Fastly give me reply ?

  28. my wife planning to go to lord’s Venkateswara tirumala temple but my grand father is a nearly 80 years old person how can we go for safe darshan with my grand father at Tirumala temple ? Please kindly give me reply ?

  29. respected dear admin sir …., I got the tickets for tomala seva in lucky dip but my wife is physically handicapped persons how to take him along with me for tomala seva darsan at lord Balaji Tirumala Tirupati temple ?

  30. hello sir……., Gud morning we recently got the promotion so , I planned to visit Tirumala temple with me and my wife and son we want to take darshan freely with out any que Im ready to pay for any ticket cost if required ? Kindly provide the complete information…

  31. respected sir…., Could ypu please kindly tell me the lord’s Venkateswara tirumala Tirupati temple entrance ticket cost ? Thank you ….

  32. my mother is planning to go Tirumala darsan with my 6.5 months baby is there any chance to take direct darshan with my mother and baby at Tirumala temple ? Please give reply …..

  33. my dad last wish to go to Tirumala temple but he is a cancer patient he is a critical condition at hospital please tel me how can I take safe darshan with him ., Is it possible are not ? Kindly give me reply .

  34. I need to know the in formation about what are the rules and regulations to go for supatham entrance at Balaji darshan …

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  36. hello sir…, my doubght is nearly 11 years under kid . Does she required to take any ticket for special darsan at Tirumala temple ?

  37. dear admin…, I got selected for suprabatham darshan through dip system but my mother and father wish to visit the Tirumala temple will they can allow to take darsan with me ? Please kindly give me reply

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  42. this is amithab from nellure district.I have a 10 months kid can we go any special darshan with my child I will pay any ticket amount for that ? Please kindly give me reply ?

  43. hello sir …, My doughter age is 1year 6 months can I take my baby to suprabatha darshan along with us . is it possible r not ? Please guide me …,

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  45. hello sir …, My brother wants to take darshan with new born baby to Tirumala temple .so , can you please advice me if infant child darsan is it safe for baby or is there any trouble for crowed ?

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  47. can you please advice me what is the regular darshan ticket price for tirumala lords Tirumala Tirupati temple ? Fasty give me reply

  48. where can I book the regular darshan tickets and in online website for booing in which date can be arrival the tickets at Tirumala temple ?

  49. dear admin …, Gud afternoon today I need to book the tickets on March 2nd 2020 but all slots are filled in ttd site when will be released the 2nd quata tickets ?

  50. hello sir …. , Recently I qualified the IAS written test before going the training I need take the lord’s Balaji blessings . So , can you please explain which darshan is better for me…

  51. we are planning to visit Tirumala with 13 years old cousin . Please tel us from where we can buy the special darshan ticket ? Please upload the complete information … Thank you .

  52. hi sir…, Gud evening .., my doughter age is 2 years 3 months if shall I go for infant child darshan and what is the range of ticket charge .

  53. hi sir……, this is Mehra from America please advice me pregnant ladies also available for the special darshan at Tirumala Tirupati temple kindly provide the information …,

  54. dear admin ……., we planning to go lord balaji’s temple for darshan . My child is below 12 years if we need to take 300rs ticket for her and in which place can I take the ticket ? Please give me reply …

  55. we are planning to lord venkateswara temple , but my child is physically challenged person . She is nearly 12 years will you please tel us can I get darshan along with my doughter is it possible or is there any issues ?

  56. dear admin…….,I have planning to visit Tirumala .I have 2 sons like one kid is 2.5 years and another one is 5 years which darshan is better for us and what is the darshan cost and timings ? Provide complete information .

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  58. my doughter is 1.5 years old my brother is coming to visit lord balaji’s temple along with my child on 13th of next month . Please advice me Will the tirupathi devastanam allow my brother with infant r not ? Please give me reply …

  59. Chandrashekar mm

    Sir I want room on 14 April 2020 because I have two small baby so pls I want room sir kindly I am from hoskote town Bangalore

  60. பாலசுப்பிரமணியன்

    ஐயா நோயால் சேவா எலட்ரானிக் டிப் கிடைக்க வேண்டும்

  61. I got Thomala seva tickets and I am happy.
    I will advise people to register for this lucky draw through online and sure you will also get this.
    This online draw is really good and you need not go for any recommendations.

    Om Namo vekatesaya.

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