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Tirumala Archana Seva Tickets Online booking starts now. TTD Archana Tickets Availability, Current Booking, LuckyDip, check now.

Archana or Sahasranama Archana seva is a special ritualistic puja done to Lord Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala. Sahasranamaarchana means chanting 1000 sacred names of Govinda. This seva is done twice per each normal day. During this time priests will recite the 1008 divya namas to Main idol. General public are accessible to this seva thrice per each week only. This special seva is called Tirumala Archana Seva. Archana seva tickets are sold to devotees not more than 80 per each day. Duration of Archana seva is 40 to 45 minutes. After this Mangala Harati is given to lord Venkatewara.

Best way to Book Tirumala Archana Seva Tickets Online @ ttdsevaonline.com:

It is wide known to every person that arjitha seva tickets booking is done in ttdsevaonline.com website. But From August 2016 Online Ticket booking was stopped. Previously the Tirumala TTD Current booking counters situated all over country are also issuing 10 tickets per each day. Now all the tickets are moved to a far superior system called TTD Electronic Lucky DIP Reservation. Please check TTD Lucky DIP Registration page for complete guide.

Steps to Get Tirumala Archana Seva ticket at Random Allotment CRO office:

TTD has the current booking of all the sevas to devotees just before one day. People must visit the Vijaya bank counter dialy morning for Random allotment registration. The registration requires Bio-metric and Photographic  capture to generate an unique token number. The token number is linked to mobile number of the applicants. At evening after 6:30 PM, Lucky dip selection results are announced.

In previous days People who have booked Udaya Asthamana Seva or Advance booking need to report at TTD Arjitham Office for confirmation. Archana seva cost is 240 Rupees per each person. Two laddus are given as prasadam for participated devotees. But This is the second best seva to participate in Tirumala.

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  1. hello sir…,my self I’m from nellure .I want to book the Sahasranama Archana seva tickets at Tirumala temple what is the online process plz tel me ?

  2. hello sir…,my self I’m from nellure .I want to book the Sahasranama Archana seva tickets at Tirumala temple what is the online process plz tel me ?

  3. hello sir,, it is very too long process to book the ttd Archana seva tickets in official website link can you plz share the direct link to book the Archana seva tickets .

  4. I want to book the Sahasranama Archana seva tickets at Tirumala lord Venkateswara temple ,at what time ttd online booking opens plz tel me sir ?

  5. Shalini chowdary

    can please suggest which is the best seva at Tirumala temple near to see the main idol kindly provide the information . I’m waiting sir ?

  6. hi sir..i booked the only 1 ticket at Archana seva at ttd now I desided to take my son with pooja so can you please tel me onething my son age is 9 years old I need to take ticket r not ?Plz guide me

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  8. I was booked the 3 Tirumala temple Sahasranama Archana seva tickets from ttd web portal in online at that time payment is deducted from my account but the tickets was not booked, sir please tel me when will be refound my money ?Plz give me reply

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  11. can you please tel me when will be the archana seva tickets are opened to book online ? Please provide the information

    1. సుబ్రహ్మణ్యేశ్వరరావు

      నాకు తెలిసినంతవరకు మీరు కోరుకుంటున్న అర్చన టిక్కెట్లు రెండు నెలల ముందే టిటిడి వారి వెబ్ సైట్ లో ఆన్ లైన్ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ చేసుకుని లక్కీ డిప్ లో పాల్గొన్న వారికే లభ్యమవుతాయి. కరెంట్ బుకింగ్ కావాలంటే ఒక రోజు ముందే టిటిడి వారి పరిపాలనా కార్యాలయం దగ్గర వున్న విజయబ్యాంకు కౌంటర్ లో కౌంటర్ లో వివరాలు ఇవ్వాలి. లక్కీ డిప్ కాబట్టి మనకు మెసేజ్ వచ్చి టికెట్ ఎలాట్ అవుతే మరునాడు సేవకు హాజరు కావచ్చు.

  12. can you please tel me when will be the archana seva tickets are opened to book online ? Please provide the information

  13. we are planning to get Archana seva along with our grand parents they are above 60years old any special entry tickets are available for us ?Plz guide me sir

  14. my name is Sanjana Reddy .we are planning for ttd Sahasranama Archana we are totally 4 persons .3 adults and 9months old baby .does she allowed for seva ? And how many persons are eligible for one ticket .Plz kindly give me reply

  15. my daughter age is below 10 years does she require ticket for ttd Archana seva and also any id proof documents are need to carry on that seva queo? Could you please urgently provide the information sir ?

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  21. When can be time for 300 rs darshan tickets and if the queue it heavy how to avoid the rush and which Seva can i book for peaceful darshan

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