Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets online booking, darshan timings availability

Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets booking starts now. Check Availability Angapradakshinam tickets time table and darshan procedure.

Angapradakshinam in Tirumala Temple: Every devotee would like to offer some proper prayer for god. Doing Angapradakshinam around temple is one of them. It means rolling on the floor around the inner temple by touching all body parts to the ground. TTD has given permission to devotees who has taken Angaprakshin tokens at CRO Office daily. Every day 600 angarpradakshina tokens are given to devotees and this time online advance booking is allowed instead of current booking at CRO office. Every one should know that Darshan on Friday for Angapradakshinam Tickets is not allowed due to Puraabhishekam performing at that time.

Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets

Tirumala Angapradaksinam Tickets Online Booking Process:

Due to huge demand for angapradakshinam tickets devotees are to be waited in long queue and many of them to be stayed for another day during their visit for angapradakshinam. Indirectly cottages & rooms are occupied. So Online Booking of Angapradakshinam tickets is started from July 2022. Angapradakshinam tickets are free of cost & limited number of tickets are released each day even in online.

Tirupatibalaji.ap.gov.in is the official website to book Srivari Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets & devotees should know the booking schedule for tickets release.

visit tirumala online booking website & select Book Angapradakshinam Tickets Here option. Wait for timer to complete & login using your mobile number. Fill captcha verification code & wait for OTP to login.

Select the required date and enter number of tickets to book. maximum 2 or 6 tickets are allowed on one transaction. Devotees can also book Extra laddus by paying money. Enter pilgrim details & proceed to finalize the booking.

Wait for Ticket to generate and download it to carry for darshan entry.

Steps to get Tirumala Angapradakshinam tickets at CRO office:

Every piligrim who would like to participate in Angapradakshinam seva at Tirumala Sri Venkateswara swamy temple must visit CRO office. Due to Security reasons Angapradakshin tokens are issued for people who have AADHAR UID Card with them only.

Cost for Angapradakshin token is free. They will give a laddu Prasad for 10 rupees if required. Approach the ticket issuing counter by 2:00 PM Onward every day. To avoid major rush please be attend there in beforehand.

Devotees need to give their finger print and their photo copy of token is issued. Only 700 to 800 tokens are issued per each day.

Angapradakshinam Process in temple and darshan guide:

Sarva darshan is only provided for angapradakshinam ticket holders. People need to appear at Vaikuntam Q Complex II (VQC-II) on early morning by 2:30 AM.

They must wear traditional clothing and must take a head dip in Swamy Pushkarani. People with dry or changed clothes are not allowed into queue.

The devotees are entered into the temple by 3:30 AM. During Suprabatha Seva, angapradakshinam is performed.

After angapradakshinam Devotees will be allowed to normal darshan in 10 minutes.

Authors Note:

Tickets are issued till 11:59 PM on before day and only people with aadhar card are given tokens.

Children are not allowed to accompany parents during the pradakshinam.

Darshan will not be provided on Friday after angapradakshinam is done due to Poorabhishekam seva.

If anyone wants TTD srivari darshan in tirumala on early morning and very easy, angapradakshinam darshan is the best option other than TTD Lucky DIP.

Address to get Angapradakshin Tickets:

CRO office, Near Vijaya Bank Counter, Basement, Tirumala.

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  1. on July 15 angapradikshana tickets are giving are not.becaz 16 evening temple is closing. so I want to do angapradikshanas on 16 morning .so plz give details .

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    We are coming on 25 August 2019 evening 6pm can we get next day angapradaishana ticket that is 26 morning please inform us

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  4. Can my family members accompany me during the angapradhikshana seva? If so how many because both my parents will be with me.

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