Ekanta Seva in Tirumala Details Check Tickets Availability & Booking process

Lord Venkateswara is also known as kali yuga god and in Tirupati a famous temple of Lord Venkteswara is located and to visit to darshan and one can see lord at time of Ekanta Seva. This is also known as Pavalimpu Seva and in this Lord Venkteswara is given rest by singing slogans of annamacharya keertanalu by Venkteswra is placed in golden cot and they will provide fruits, almonds, milk and almonds as nivadyam. In beginning golden silk cot is arranged and pillow is placed above these. Family members of Tarigonda Vengamamba family members will decorate these floor and made rangoli and perales Harathi plate to Yakamgi. After these there will be pleasant music for Lord Venkteswara to take rest and priests take blessings of God by touching his feet. After all these family members of Annamacharya family members will sing their songs by singing jo achutanandha jo jo mukunda lali paramananda Rama Govinda while standing infront of god and after all completing these seva doors of that hall is closed and god will take rest and doors will be closed infront of holy priests

Ekanta Seva start Timings:-

seva will exactly start at 1.30 AM and for these Seva no devotees will be allowed. Only holy priests and family of annamarchaya were allowed.

Customs before going these seva:- Before entering in to Ekantha Seva all priests made some arrangements to idol which is present in sanctum. After removing all garments from idol and new garlands will be placed in place of old garmends. Priests will take 2 full scandals paste plates and these can be placed at srivari feet and other plate on Lord Govindas chest where his wife Alamelmanga is located.

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